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Frog Creek Socks offers a variety of alpaca sock color choices, knit from natural and dyed* alpaca yarn. We currently purchase the yarn that we use to make our socks from a reputable, long established mill that processes alpaca fiber using state of the art technology with respect of the environment.

We are continuously working on ways to improve customer service and maintain a high quality sock for your comfort.

You’ll be amazed at how cozy and comfortable your feet will feel wearing these alpaca socks!

82% alpaca, 16% nylon, 2% elastic


All of our alpaca socks come in a choice of three styles (short, crew, boot) and adult sizes (small, medium, large).


  • small (sock size 9 – 11) Fits women shoe size 6-81/2
  • medium (sock size 11-13) Fits women shoe size 81/2 and up and men shoe size 8-11,
  • large (sock size 13-15) Fits men shoe size 11+



Washing Instructions:
Wash with like colors in cool water, gentle cycle, tumble or air dry. These socks are  durable and can be washed easily without excessive shrinkage or felting. (Alpaca socks have a lower percentage of shrinkage than socks made from other natural fibers.)

Because alpaca socks have a higher elasticity then other socks made from natural fiber, these socks may look smaller after they’re washed, but will return to their original size to fit your feet again when you wear them.

Alpaca socks wick away moisture, so your feet will stay dry and odor free summer through winter.


    Alpaca socks made in Pennsylvania, United States.



*   The color dyes used in the yarn for our socks are proactively ensured to meet international standard for environmental health and safety. Further information is available upon request.