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Hand Spun

Our Handspun yarns are completely grown and processed here on the farm.  Our fiber is sheared from the alpacas in April.  We then begin the task of determining which blankets will go into production, which ones will go into the show system and which ones will be sold.  After that has been decided we take the blankets and store them appropriately to keep them bug free and dry. Then we begin by skirting and cleaning the fleeces for production.  Each blanket is graded and divided into bins by color by grade and length.  If more cleaning is needed we put the fiber in our tumbler for a few minutes.  Then the fiber is washed in lingerie bags in our kitchen sink.  It's dried in hanging net bins on the porch during good weather.  In colder and winter weather we dry it inside on racks in our spare bathroom shower.  Once dry the fiber is taken to the barn and run through the carding machine. This is where the creative process begins to take shape as we decide if there will be a blend, what to blend it with and how much. Once carding is complete the spinning and plying can begin !  

Our yarns are priced according to yardage and plies.  Each skein tag contains a sticker and information on how long that skein took to process. We hope this helps you to better understand our process and pricing. 

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Baby Camel & Silk - OH Yeah !

Just ONE ! 106 Yards - 2.6 Ounces


Alpaca Merino Silk - Easter Eggs

295 Yards - 4.4 Ounces


100% Alpaca Green & Blue

244 Yards - 5.5 Oz


Beaded White Alpaca - Merry Christmas

Red / Green / Clear beads on a Silver Metallic Thread


Beaded Pink Alpaca

Tiny multi colored beads onsilver metallic thread


Beaded Brown Alpaca

Tiny Gold themed glass beads on gold tone thread


Beaded White Alpaca

Tiny multi colored glass beads on silver thread


Beaded White Alpaca

multi colored glass beads on silver thread


Beaded White Alpaca

Jewel toned glass beads on aqua colored thread


Beaded Seafoam & White Alpaca

glass beads on multi colored thread


Beaded Fawn Alpaca - Golden Bling

Light Fawn, Gold thread, Gold themed glass beads


Bay Black Alpaca 2 Ply

Bay Black ... Like Dark Chocolate !


True Black Alpaca with Silver Thread

Silver thread with slubs ... nice texture !


Pink Alpaca 2 Ply

Subtle shades of pink


White Alpaca 2 Ply

Natural White Alpaca !


Black Alpaca with Sequin Thread

2 Plies of True Black, 1 Ply of Sequin Thread


Bay Black Alpaca with Tri-Color Thread

2 Plies of Bay Black, 1 Ply of tri-colored thread in gold tones