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Barnett's Creek Farm

Bird Nesting Ball

Bird Nesting Ball

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This is a 4″ grapevine ball stuffed full with alpaca fiber from our farm. More fiber is also inserted from the outside of the ball to attract the birds and get them to start plucking. Alpaca fiber is highly water resistant when on the alpaca and should remain somewhat in this application. However if you know that there is a very windy storm brewing in your neck of the woods … I would suggest removing the ball till the storm is over to avoid the fibers blowing away. Although the birds will still find it, you may be deprived of the enjoyment of watching them pick and choose which fibers they want for their nest. Each ball is stuffed with approximately 1 oz of alpaca fiber. This fiber is not appropriate for use in our yarns, but the birds will love it! Mice love it too.  A jute string is attached to facilitate hanging from tree branches or brackets. The birds will love you for providing them with soft warm fibers to line their nests. Great gift for the bird loving people on your shopping list !

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