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Poop by the Truckload

Brand: Barnett's Creek Farm
Availability: 100

Price: $50.00

Does your garden need help?  Are your plants slow growing?  Are they robust with large leaves to catch the sunshine and rain?  If your soil needs "amendment" ... AKA nutrients then you need some ALPACA POOP !  This photo is our cucumbers in a raised bed .... 5 weeks after planting. 

 We have over 30 alpacas ... they make a lot of poop.  Although we put some in our raised beds and in our flower areas ..... we have plenty to share with you.  So contact us today about making a visit to the farm and loading up with a pickup truck load of POOP.  We always have fresh and we generally have some that is composted !

Bring a friend and some shovels .... we don't have a tractor !