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Color Dyed Alpaca Rugs

Brand: Barnett's Creek Farm
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Price: $75.00

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* Alpaca Rugs:

This alpaca rug is constructed of Alpaca Rug Yarn which is alpaca fiber wound around a cotton rope core. The yarn was dyed at the farm in our own little dye pot. Color variations occur during the dying process and depend on the amount of mordant added, dye powders used, temperature of the dye pot, amount of yarn in the pot and the order in which it was added to the pot !  So lots of variables go into this .... therefore NO TWO ARE THE SAME !  

Each of these rugs was woven on our Peg loom using a cotton warping thread.  Some rugs are pulled tightly so that you only see the warping threads on the ends where is it hand tied and secured on the underside.  Some are woven very loosely, but securely so that the warping thread becomes part of the design.  



  • Purple Rug - 28 Inches X 21 Inches
  • Teal Rug - 27 Inches X 23 Inches
  • Red / White / Blue Rug - 24 Inches X 24 Inches


  27 Inches X 23 Inches


28 Inches X 21 Inches


24 Inches X 24 Inches