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Fingers & Toes


  • A lovely collection of fingerless mitts to keep your wrists warm, which in turn keeps your fingers warm ..... leaving your fingertips free to use electronic devices, keyboards and other implements.


  • Insoles: Felted alpaca insoles are a soft cushion of comfort for your feet.  They are great for work boots and everyday shoes too. They conform to your foot as you wear them and keep you nice and comfy all winter.
  • Socks: We generally stock Frog Creek Socks in a variety of colors and styles.  These socks are a limited quantity, but we can also order socks for you directly from the supplier.  Please keep in mind that socks are not made till ordered and your order can take up to 6 week to be fulfilled .... so Order Early ! 

          You can read more  About Frog Creek Socks here !

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Felted Insoles

Soft, Warm .... odor resistant


White Lace Wrist Warmers

As fashionable as they are functional, our new Pointelle Wrist Warmers are both elegant and feminine.


All Terrain Alpaca Gloves

mid-weight alpaca gloves will keep your hands warm